How do I move my apps to my SD card With Link2SD

Hey Guys, If you want to move apps from your internal memory to your SD card, Link2SD app can do the work for you. In this tutorial we will tell you about how can you move your apps to SD card. There is inbuilt feature in Android phones about move apps to SD Card, but some of the apps can not be moved to SD Card because they won’t allow you to do so. But if you have root access, then you can move non-movable apps to your SD card with app called Link2SD. We was shared tutorial on how to partition SD Card using Link2SD app don’t forget to check that out. This app is one of the most wonderful app which you can use for move apps to SD Card.

We all are facing low Internal memory issues. The issue of low storage is very common. This tutorial will help you to solve this issue. If you can’t move an app to your SD Card, that means developer of that app don’t want you to do so. Sometimes apps are not compatible to be moved on SD Card. But you can forcefully move apps to your SD Card for same some internal memory space on your Phone. You can download latest version of Link2SD app from Homepage of our blog. So if you are looking for move apps to your SD Card, let’s have a look at some of the easy steps now from below.

How do I move my apps to my SD card With Link2SD

How to Move Apps to SD Card Using Link2SD app

  • Open Link2SD app from your phone. (Download Link2SD)
  • This app will ask you root permissions, grant root permissions to this app.

  • Now Scroll down and select the app which you want to move as your SD Card.

Note – Make sure you don’t select any system app to move on SD card it can break your System software.

  • Once you selected the app, simply click on MOVE TO SD CARD option.

  • Wait for some time, it will start the process, one finishes it will show success message.

  • Once app is moved to SD Card, it will show the option of MOVE TO PHONE in case you want to revert this action.

Video Tutorial


Wrapping Up

This was the full method which can be used for move your apps from internal memory to your SD card. This app is very useful, I often use this app on my testing smartphones such as Android one which have low Internal memory issues. If this tutorial worked for you, please comment below Thanks. Or if you have some issues while follow this tutorial, you can comment below I’ll try my best to help you out.

Move Apps to SD Card Using Link2SD app [Tutorial]
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Move Apps to SD Card Using Link2SD app [Tutorial]
How to Move apps to SD card using Link2SD app full tutorial. Full Tutorial on how to move apps to SD Card using Link2SD app.
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