How to use Link2SD App for Partition SD Card – Full Guide

Know How to Partition SD Card Using Link2SD app on your Android phone. If you want to increase your Internal Memory, then you can simply use our Link2SD app. This app is one of the most useful app if your phone’s Internal memory is very low. You can use your SD Card as your Internal memory with the help of this app. This app can be used in several ways on your Android phone. This app also available officially on google play store. This app is specially created for those, who love to play Games, install many app on their phone but internal memory is quite low. So let’s have a look at below about how to partition SD card using Link2SD app.

Pre-Requirements for Partition SD Card Using Link2SD app

  • Rooted Android Phone with Link2SD installed.
  • Windows PC.
  • Micro SD card which you want to format.
  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard from here –    Download
  • Download Link2SD app from here –    Download Link2SD

How to Partition SD Card Using Link2SD App

Follow some of the simple steps from below to know more about how to partition SD card using Link2SD app. These steps will help you to know more about partition sd card using link2SD app.

Note – These steps will wipe all data on your Phone. So Backup all your Data before follow this tutorial.

  • Download and Install MiniTool Partition Wizard on your PC.

  • Now Simply Put Memory card to card reader and then connect to your PC. (Not via USB Cable)
  • You’ll see Your SD Card in the list under Partition Menu.
  • Simply right click on your Memory card and hit Delete button.

  • After Delete it, Right click on it and select Create then select “FAT32 file system option from there.
  • In Create As: Select Primary option. In Partition Size, Enter 70% size of your Memory card. If you memory card is of 4Gb then enter 2800 MB then hit OK.

  • Right click on UnAllocated space and select Create option.
  • Now Select Create As: Primary option then File System as ext2 Make sure enter partition size as your memory card’s unallocated memory.

  • Now Click on Apply button from Top left corner.

  • Now wait for few seconds, process will finish it’s work.
  • Put your memory card on your Phone and Open link2SD app.
  • After Open link2SD app from your phone, Select SD card Second partition as ext2 or ext4 (Depend on your phone try both)
  • Now Link2SD app will ask you to restart your phone, simply do the process.
  • Open link2SD app, Press menu button and goto settings. Scroll down, tick on AutoLink.

Now you are Done. Your SD card has been successfully Partitioned for use SD card.

Video Tutorial – Partition SD Card Using Link2SD

Final Words

This was the full tutorial on how to use Link2SD app for Partition you SD card. You can use this tutorial on any of the Android device. If you have more questions or suggestions regarding this blog, then let us know via comments below. Thanks for visiting this blog and make this blog awesome.

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