Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error – Mount script cannot be created

Hey Guys, If you are fed up with Link2SD Mount Script Error, and you are not able to use this app, then don’t worry. In this tutorial, I am gonna explain how can you easily fix this Mount script cannot be created error on your Link2SD app. This app can work on many Android devices, but sometimes it starts gives problems. This Tutorial is all about fixing this error. So if you are looking for fix this error, let’s have a look at full tutorial from below about how can you fix this error. Previously, we was also posted about fix Link2SD could not obtain root access. So let’s have a look at below about fixing Mount script error in Link2SD app.

Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error

Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error

Requirements for follow this Tutorial

For follow this tutorial, you need some of the things to setup on your phone. let’s download some of the things you need for fix this error from below.

How to Fix Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error

Once you have successfully downloaded all of the apps mentioned above, simply follow easy steps from below to fix this error on your phone.

  • Open System app mover app and move Link2SD app to your System then restart your Phone.
  • Open App2SD app from your phone, Allow Root Access.
  • Now Click on Link Apps to SD Card option.

  • Select your Memory card’s second partition and tick use normal method option then hit OK.

  • You’ll see success message that Mount script created.

  • Now Restart your phone once and open Link2SD app.
  • You can Uninstall apps2Sd app from your Phone now.
  • Try to move apps to SD card now, it’ll move apps to your SD Card successfully without any issues.

Video Tutorial – Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error

Wrapping Up

This way, you can fix up this error of Link2SD card app easily. This app is awesome, but have some issue sometimes which can be solved. I hope this tutorial helped you to solve this issue. If you still have issues, then let us know via comments below we will try to help you out.

Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error - Mount script cannot be created
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Fix Link2SD Mount Script Error - Mount script cannot be created
Full Tutorial on how to fix Link2SD Mount script error of Mount script cannot be created. Full Guide on fix Link2SD mount script error.
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